The Chinese Way

Welcome to visit this website! The website "Oriental Style" is dedicated to ancient Chinese civilization. Differing from other websites on Chinese civilization, this website attaches importance to show the soul of ancient Chinese people. If you read many articles of this website, you will really understand the values of the Oriental people. And you will find that, the essential humanistic principles of the Orient and the Occident are harmonious, and they don't have conflicts. Here you can know the people-based thoughts and the nascent democratic spirit of feudal states; you can read the stories of loyal people; you can be moved by the faithful love of passionate youth; you can feel the noble soul and great honor of ancient people. And, you will understand a great word from the Chinese people who lived 2500 years ago, “Harmony instead of sameness.”

Fascinating History and Culture of China

As Max Weber said, when we recall the remote ancient history, we can find many similarities between China and Europe, such as beliefs, hermits, fighting monarchs, political systems, classical poems, and schools' contention of feudal China, were closer to the European society than imperial China. Ancient Han people also admired the Romans and said, "They are high in stature, elegant in manners, and honest in morality, so they are similar to us Chinese." Thus it can be seen that, universal values are applicable to not only the Occident, but also the Orient. In this website, the stages of ancient Chinese history are distinguished as the age of myths (from the far remote times to the Shang Dynasty), the age of feudal states (the Zhou Dynasty) and the age of empires (from the Qin Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty). So you can see the vivid and magnificent historical scenes of ancient China. And you will know about the traditional clothing, architectural styles, medical science, proprieties and customs of the Chinese nation. You also will know how the Chinese civilization spread to Japan and Korea. What our ancestors did in life will echo in eternity. Ancient Chinese people left resplendent cultural heritage for human civilization. When we read impressive stories of women and men from ancient books, or when we visit historic sites and historical museums, we can feel the eternal style of our ancestors…