Folk Stories

The Strange Experience of Lu Chong

This story took place in the Eastern Han Dynasty. In Fanyang (范阳) where was in modern-days Hebei (河北) Province, there was a young man named Lu Chong (卢充). At the age of 20, one day Lu Chong hunted in the environs. He saw a river deer (獐), and shot at it. The river deer was wounded, but it ran off quickly. Lu Chong pursued it. He ran for a long time, and didn’t know how far he had left the city. Suddenly the river deer disappeared, and Lu Chong saw a grand official residence. A servant walked outside and called him.

The Power of Love

This story took place in the times of Jin Wu-Emperor (晋武帝) which was the first emperor of the Western Jin (西晋) Dynasty. In the Hejian (河间) Jun (郡) where was in modern-days Hebei Province, a pair of young persons loved each other, and they privately promised to marry each other. Later, the young man was recruited and fought against foreign nations. Several years passed, but there was not any news about the man. Every day the young woman stood in the entry of the village, and watched the far road, but she saw nothing.

The Fans of Stars in the Ancient Times

Nowadays, all stars have their fans. Especially in the “Super Girl’s Voice” (超级女声) singing contest of recent years, we can see the crazy actions of fans. The fans followed their stars everywhere, and they cheered for the victory of their stars or wept for the failure of their stars. Li Yuchun (李宇春), the winner of “Super Girl’s Voice 2005”, even made the cover of the Time Magazine as “Asia’s Heroes 2005”, because American editors thought that “Super Girl's Voice” was run democratically. Are fans the result of the development of a society? Of course they are not.

Ancient Chinese People and Their Pets

Ancient Chinese people liked pets as the European did. In our China, there is a breed of native dogs. This breed of dogs is likable as poodles and brave as shepherd dogs. Now they mainly live in small cities and villages. Nowadays rich people only want to buy costly foreign breeds of dogs, and they think foreign breeds of dogs show their so-called noble positions. They don’t know what a true noble thing is. Well, let’s read the stories about our ancestors and their pets.